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Hello! We are glad that you visited our site and forum. We are working on the internationalisation of our site, but unfortunately some things can not be changed easily. So it is with phpBB, that can have only one default language. So for those of you, who speak English but not Russian, here's a small guide for our forum.

First of all, only registred users can post anything on the forum. This restriction (as well as special registration process) was made due to many spam messages on the forum. So if you would not only read the messages here, but participate and post anything, you'll have to proceed with the registration. Registration will not only give you the ability to write on the forum, but also to choose the language of the buttons, common links and other elements of the forum interface.

Forum has several sections. Each section has several sub-forums. We didn't expect any foreign posts in our specialised sections yet, but you are welcome to write in the common section of the forum (the first one you see from the top). The names of the forums there are still in russian, but be attentive and read the descriptions and you'll find the translations of the forum designation.

In case of any questions you are welcome to write us at info@historicaldance.spb.ru.
Thank you.